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Addendum No. 111/22/21

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Project Developer Services
for the LIGTT Authority Project
RFP/RFQ # 2021-001


The purpose of Addendum No. 1 is to clarify and restate this RFP/RFQ (in part) to emphasize that the following illustrative, but not exclusive, functions may qualify as maritime-related services, consistent with the LIGTT’s enabling legislation, and that one or more of these illustrative functions may qualify as the initial concept or “vertical” or phase acceptable to the LIGTT Authority:

  • Carbon Capture Sequester to move carbon underground at great depths;
  • Fueling facility for vessels that load heavy at river terminals with minimal fuel and then fully fuel after exiting the mouth of the river;
  • Lightering facility to offload heavy inbound cargos to barges that would otherwise present draught issues going upriver;
  • Top-off facility to load to required depths and then top-off past the mouth of the river;
  • Wind turbine technology; and other maritime functions consistent with the LIGTT Project.

With respect to the remaining Schedule as set forth on page 11 of the RFP/RFQ under Anticipated Timeline of Events, all remaining Events and Dates remain the same, excluding the Mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference originally set for November 12, 2021, which (if necessary) will be rescheduled, as it is subject to change.

All other terms, conditions, and provisions of the RFP/RFQ remain unchanged at this time.


Date:  November 22, 2021


Larry M. Roedel, Counsel
Louisiana International
Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority