Louisiana International “Deep Water” Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority (LIGTT)

Issues RFQ/RFP

for Developer of the LIGTT Project

10/25/22 Addendum 1

Mandatory Meeting– November 8, 2022, view Agenda here

Louisiana International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) is envisioned to be America’s first deep water “Energy Hub” and transfer terminal designed to provide clean energy options and accommodate the demands of Post-Panamax and larger Cape Size vessels.

The centerpiece of the system is an advanced midstream transfer and logistics “hub-and-spoke” model located in the Gulf of Mexico bordering federal waters.

This facility will serve as a value-added and viable route-to-market system for:

  • Carbon Capture Sequester to move carbon underground at great depths;

  • Fueling facility for vessels that load heavy at river terminals with minimal fuel and then fuel after exiting the mouth of the river;

  • Lightering facility to offload heavy inbound cargos to barges that would otherwise present draught issues going upriver;

  • Top-off facility to load to required depths and then top-off past the mouth of the river;

  • Wind turbine technology; and other maritime functions consistent with the LIGTT Project.

  • Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, LNG, Containerized Cargo, and any other business model deemed viable by the market.