Project Overview

Discover the LIGTT Plan

The Louisiana International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) was developed and created as a major post-Hurricane Katrina economic recovery project through Act 699 during the 2008 Legislative Session. The project, through the Authority, is authorized to issue revenue bond and notes providing a unique opportunity for project developers.

Louisiana has established itself as the national leader for international trade but there is still a significant opportunity to expand capacity. LIGTT is envisioned to complement and strengthen the efforts of existing Louisiana ports by supporting their activities, utilizing existing inland infrastructure, and serving as the “hub” for increased trade throughout the interior of the United States (33 states and Canada), along the northern Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, the Caribbean and Internationally.

When complete, this facility will provide shippers with efficient supply chain solutions by expanding capability to ship vital goods between US and foreign markets. Increased dependability will serve as a catalyst for developing new trade networks and creating a foundation for future trade growth.