RFQ/RFP Notice


August 8, 2022


Notice of RFQ/RFP Release


Contact: Larry M. Roedel

Roedel Parsons Blache Fontana Piontek & Pisano
8440 Jefferson Highway, Suite 300
Baton Rouge, LA  70809-7654


The Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) Authority released an RFQ/RFP seeking developers for a deep water transfer terminal located approximately 2.5 miles off of the east shore of Southwest Pass, at the mouth of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. The RFQ/RFP release will be hosted at the Authority website. www.ligtt.com.


The Authority will invite interested parties to submit proposals for the development of 2,238 acres of state owned water bottoms in a 50 year lease arrangement. The Louisiana International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority, a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana was created pursuant to and by Act No. 699 of the 2008 Regular Session of the Louisiana State Legislature enacting Chapter 49 of Title 34 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950 (La. R.S. 34:3491, et seq.). The project, through the Authority, is authorized to issue revenue bond and notes providing a unique opportunity for project developers. The project is expected to have significant economic development opportunities for the Developer and the State of Louisiana through the numerous opportunities that may be leveraged against market conditions.


Development of the current location, and possibly additional locations to be determined by need and interest, may include “verticals” (or phases) of liquified natural gas (“LNG”); other oil and gas products; containers; and dry bulk. In addition, the LIGTT Authority is open to consideration of other maritime-related services, consistent with its enabling legislation, that may include the following illustrative, but not exclusive, functions:

  • Carbon Capture Sequester to move carbon underground at great depths;
  • Fueling facility for vessels that load heavy at river terminals with minimal fuel and then fully fuel after exiting the mouth of the river;
  • Lightering facility to offload heavy inbound cargos to barges that would otherwise present draught issues going upriver;
  • Top-off facility to load to required depths and then top-off past the mouth of the river;
  • Wind turbine technology; and other maritime functions consistent with the LIGTT Project.


The Authority will grant to the Developer and its affiliated entities the exclusive right to plan, permit, engineer, design, finance, construct, operate, and maintain terminal facilities to be constructed in deep water with private financing. The Developer will be subject to Sub-Lease payments to the Authority and a portion of revenue derived from the LIGTT Project during the term of the Sub-Lease, the details of which will be negotiated and set forth in the Development Agreement.